Everyone has a unique financial journey. No matter where you are in that journey, the right strategy can help you reach your goals and create more freedom in your life.


I'm Paula

 A numbers fanatic. My story begins like yours, with 6th grade math. Unlike you, I missed a year of schooling thanks to a teacher who gave A's for attendance.

l was then¬†made to catch up in the¬†summer that followed ( thanks Mom! ūü•Ļ .. ), and my frustration with numbers inevitable turned into a¬†lucrative passion.

Fast forward 5 years, college kids were paying me to teach them math. I was in high school still!! ūü§ď

What can I say, you like what you know and are good at. And thus the first university degree followed. Funny how it all started with that one gap year isn't it?

Teaching became my calling as I understood early on, that explaining concepts matters as much as knowing them. I've developed strong communication skills by reading my students, helping them overcome their challenges and embrace financial empowerment.

After 10 years of university and 15 years of budgeting, I created a game changing system that I am confident will help anyone willing to break the paycheck to paycheck cycle and level up the quality of their lives.

Save More

Learn how to put more money aside each month.

Eliminate Debt

Cut debt from your life and create positive habits.

Invest Smarter

Learn how to invest and reach your goals faster.

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My Story

    Graduating from my MBA, business gave practical meaning to numbers. 

    As an analyst in corporate America, I use numbers to make an impact on the bottom line, improve processes, and work smarter.

   In managing my personal finances over 15 years with this Budget Tracker, I've learned that putting your financial goals in writing is the key to success.


Why I Do It

    Financial literacy is not a term I ever heard growing up. While my mom did her best to provide for our family, the worries for covering basic needs was  always there. Seeing my family struggle inspired me to aim higher. I think it's instinctual that we all want to provide a better life when it's our turn. 

     Moving to America opened the door to possibilities as well as  challenges I had no one to turn to and ask for help. Most immigrants find themselves helpless in a foreign country. But the determination to succeed only grows.  

   Once I was debt-free, and consistently reached my financial goals, I realized that the methods I used could help others like me who wanted the same but didn’t grow up or didn't find the framework to make it happen. So I made it my mission to help as many people as possible create healthy financial habits and a better life for themselves and their families.

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